Downloadable ministry resources for the Recovery Church Leaders







What is Recovery.Church Resource Hub?

Recovery.Church Resource Hub is a place where local Recovery Churches and partner ministries can download videos, sermons, graphics, training, and support files from the entire library of Recovery Church Movement creative content...for free. Each Recovery Church is encouraged to submit resources they’ve created to be made available to the entire network. We will continually be adding additional resources to the digital hub.

Is the Recovery.Church Resource Hub really free?

Yes. Being part of the Recovery.Church Resource Hub is completely free. There are no dues, no tithes, no percentages, no training fees. You don’t even have to give us credit for the resources. We want you to focus on building healthy Recovery Churches and maximize your impact for the Kingdom. All we ask is that you agree to our terms of service and use resources in a non-commercial manner to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ free from the bondage of addiction.

How do I use Recovery.Church message video resources? (For Example, RC DNA series).

Use these resources as inspiration for your message. Sometimes the videos and resources can inspire your creative juices. Go for it. Try not to use a provided message script word for word. Make sure to adjust them to your context and your personal experience. Addicts and alcoholics recoil from things that have the appearance of being disingenuous. Play the videos as provided. View the entire message. Before you show a teaching video in your church, watch it all the way through to make sure the file downloaded completely and to familiarize yourself with any cultural references or context you made need to explain. Create smooth transitions. To transition from your live worship to the video teaching, play music (either live or pre-recorded) as your live pastor introduces the video teaching. You can also lower the lights to queue the audience that you're moving to video. Lead into the message. It's a good idea to set up the theme or topic of the message you're about to show. Perhaps share a story that's dear to your church that relates to the topic. You can also take this lead-in time to explain anything that might be confusing or recap the previous messages in the series. Plan ahead. If possible, add a backup source for showing the video. You can also prepare a message outline; in case of a power or equipment failure, your team can deliver the message live.

Can I have CDs or DVDs of resources mailed or emailed to me?

No, resources are only available for direct download. We are not able to mail or send it to you in another format. By leveraging the ability to transfer files online, we're able to provide them to people around the world for free and still focus on the vision that God has called us to.

Can we use Recovery.Church logos in our church and not become a part of Recovery Church Movement?

No, please do not use the Recovery Church Movement logos on any communication, photo, social media image, video, website, or signage, unless you are an official Recovery Church. It’s an easy process to become an official Recovery Church. Contact us today Click here and we will get you set and help you thrive as a Recovery Church.

We love Recovery.Church resources! Is there a way to give back?

If you’d like to give back to the Recovery Church Movement for providing free resources, you can! Click here